Online meetings

The following list of “local” meetings have been set up by A.A. members in the Peoria area in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the precautions authorities have suggested.

Please note that phone numbers, so you can call in to online meetings on your phone, are available here..  

Online Meetings Listing

How to Update Zoom on PC and Mac

Phone In Only Meeting Instructions

Group 7th Tradition Contribution Information

Announcements for the Online Meetings.

  1. Please reach out to Intergroup if you are willing to help with “bridging the gap”.  We need temporary sponsorship in treatments. (Phone buddies.)
  2. Talk to your groups about the seventh tradition and how people can still help support their home group.  There is a link on the website where groups have their mailing addresses listed for 7th tradition donations.
  3. We need volunteers for the Twelve step phone services.  Please send an email or “contact us” on the website. 
  4. We are looking for people to help with technology problems that individuals may occur when trying to access an online meeting. (Tech sponsor )
  5. You have the ability to change your name. If you have trouble doing it, ask the host to help you.
  6. To contact the Intergroup:  call (309)687-1329; use the “contact us” page on website; or email

Peoria Area Intergroup Association

Peoria Area Alcoholics Anonymous 24/7 Hotline (309) 687-1329