List of Literature Available

Below is the list of literature that we regularly carry at the Intergroup office. If you can’t find what you need, let us know – perhaps we can help.

Prices and availability subject to change.  Price listed includes tax.

A Program for You$11.50
A Woman’s Way Through the Twelve Steps $10.00
A Woman’s Way Through the Twelve Steps (workbook)$10.00
A.A. Comes of Age$13.00
Acceptance Booklets$1.50
Al-Anon Twelve and Twelve$14.00
Alcoholics Anonymous (1. hard cover)$13.00
Alcoholics Anonymous (2. Limited Edition)$16.00
Alcoholics Anonymous (3. soft cover)$12.50
Alcoholics Anonymous (4. soft cover) LARGE PRINT$14.00
Alcoholics Anonymous (5. Abridged Large Print)$8.00
Alcoholics Anonymous (6. Abridged blue pocket size)$6.50
An Index to the Big Book$3.00
Answers of the Heart$11.50
As Bill Sees It (1. hard cover)$13.00
As Bill Sees It (2. soft cover)$12.50
As Bill Sees It (3. soft cover,  large print)$13.50
Back to Basics$13.00
Beyond Codependency$12.00
Big Book Dictionary$7.00
Blueprint For Progress (workbook)$13.50
Body Mind and Spirit$12.00
Came To Believe$7.50
Codependent No More$12.00
Courage To Change$20.00
Daily Reflections$14.00
Daily Reflections (LARGE PRINT)$15.50
Day by Day$12.00
Discovering Choices$22.50
Dr. Bob and the Good Oldtimers$15.00
Drop the Rock$11.00
Drop the Rock: The Ripple Effect$11.00
Each Day a New Beginning$12.00
Each Day a New Beginning Journal$13.50
Easy Does It$12.00
Experience Strength & Hope$8.00
Eye Opener$11.00
Fourth Step Guide$3.50
Grapevine Magazine$3.00
Grapevine: AA In the Military$16.50
Grapevine: A Rabbit Walks int a Bar$16.50
Grapevine: Best of Bill W.$7.50
Grapevine: Emotional Sobriety: The Next Frontier$16.50
Grapevine: Best of Grapevine SET 1, 2, 3$35.00
Grapevine: In Our Own Words, Stories of Young AA$16.50
Grapevine: Into Action$16.50
Grapevine: Language of the Heart$18.00
Grapevine: One Big Tent$16.50
Grapevine: Spiritual Awakenings$16.50
Grapevine: Take Me To Your Sponsor$16.50
Grapevine: The Grapevine Daily Quote Book$16.50
Grapevine: Voices of Women in AA$16.50
Grapevine: Young and Sober$16.50
Guidance on Our Journeys$3.00
Guide for Families$3.00
Hope for Today$21.00
How Al-Anon Works (hard cover)$16.00
How Al-Anon Works (soft cover)$9.00
Intimacy in Alcoholic Relationships$16.50
Keep it Simple$12.00
King Baby$3.00
Letting Go of the Need to Control$3.00
Little Red Book (hard cover)$11.00
Little Red Book (soft cover)$9.50
Little Red Book for Women (hard cover)$11.50
Little Red Book Study Guide$11.00
Living Sober  $7.00
More Language of Letting Go$13.00
Narcotics Anonymous 6TH Edition Basic Text$17.50
Narcotics Anonymous 6TH Edition Basic Text soft cover$17.50
Narcotics Anonymous Step Working Guide$13.00
Night Light$11.50
One Day At a Time in Al-Anon$16.50
Opening Our Hearts/Transforming Our Losses$21.00
Our Great Responsibility$13.50
Pass It On$15.00
Paths to Recovery$28.00
Power Pocket Series$1.50
Queen Baby$3.00
Search for Serenity$8.50
Step Pamphlet  1. Step 1$3.00
Step Pamphlet  2. Step 2$3.00
Step Pamphlet  3. Step 3$3.00
Step Pamphlet  4. Step 4$3.00
Step Pamphlet  5. Step 5$3.00
Step Pamphlet  6. Steps 6&7$3.00
Step Pamphlet  7. Step 8$3.00
Step Pamphlet  8. Step 9$3.00
Step Pamphlet  9. Step 10$3.00
Step Pamphlet 10. Step 11$3.00
Step Pamphlet 11. Step 12$3.00
Step Pamphlets  (bundle)$21.50
Stools and Bottles$11.50
The 12 Step Prayer Book$12.00
The Brown Bottle$4.00
The Dry Drunk Syndrome$3.00
The Language of Letting Go$13.00
The Promise of a New Day$12.00
Things My Sponsor Taught Me$8.00
Today I Will Do One Thing$11.50
Twelve and Twelve (1. hard cover)$12.00
Twelve and Twelve (2. soft cover)$11.00
Twelve and Twelve (3. soft cover, large print)           $11.00
Twelve and Twelve (4. pocket size)$11.00
Twelve and Twelve Dictionary$6.50
Twelve Step Sponsorship$11.00
Twenty Four Hours a Day (1. hard cover)$11.50
Twenty Four Hours a Day (2. hardcover, LARGE PRINT)$16.50
Twenty Four Hours a Day (3. soft cover)$11.50
Walk in Dry Places$12.00

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