Letter from Intergroup

Dear Friends in Recovery:

In response to several requests, we are sending a note to the fellowship regarding the Coronavirus and how it may impact AA meetings in our area. Since the Coronavirus seems to be more contagious than most strains of the flu, we are asking groups and members to exercise caution and common sense. We recognize that each group is autonomous, so it is up to each group whether it wants to address hand-holding and other safeguards. However, as individual AA members, we are responsible for our own recovery– that responsibility extends to maintaining our own health, regardless of what our groups and meetings decide to do.
If business as usual comes to a stand-still, much like it would for a snowstorm, Intergroup’s 24-hour hotline will still be answered. If you need help, please call: 309-687-1329.

Here are some other ideas and resources that you or your group might use to stay connected. (This is not an endorsement of any of these services, but a list of suggestions.)

  • Have a phone tree ready for your group.
  • Attend an online AA meeting. Here’s the Online Intergroup of AA: https://www.aa-intergroup.org/
  • Please see the Peoria Area Intergroup website for meeting updates and announcements: aapeoria.org

  For more accurate information about the Coronavirus and the latest updates:

Coronavirus Disease 2019 vs. the Flu

Most importantly, if you have a desire to drink, reach out for help to friends in the fellowship or call the hotline: 309-687-1329. Thank you for sharing this information with your groups. Here’s wishing everyone good health and continued sobriety.
In Love and Service,
The Intergroup Office Staff, Board & Steering Committee

Peoria Area Intergroup Association

Peoria Area Alcoholics Anonymous 24/7 Hotline (309) 687-1329