District 6 service opportunities

To volunteer for any of the opportunities listed below, simply call the Intergroup office at (309)687-1329 or click here.

Archives:  Do you have an interest in AA history and the idea of preserving our history?  

Bridging the Gap:  Volunteer to assist people being released from institutions or treatment centers.  (more information)

Cooperation with the Professional Community:  This committee’s goal is to inform the Professional Community (doctors, lawyers, clergy, etc.) about Alcoholics Anonymous and the local help that is available.

Corrections: Do you have a desire to help with corrections?   Letter writing? In-person meetings?  There are many ways to participate.

Grapevine:  AA’s International Journal of Alcoholics Anonymous is our connection to the world of AA. 

Hospitals & Institutions Committee:  This committee brings meetings into Treatment Centers, etc. and are always looking for volunteers to help chair meetings.

Intergroup:  We staff our office with volunteers.  We have special events where help is needed.   Please consider being a PAIA Representative for your home group.  

Public Outreach:  This committee participates in events outside of the AA community, sharing information about Alcoholics Anonymous.  They are looking for volunteers to help at special events.  

Unity & Fellowship needs your help. They put together fellowship events in District 6 that would involve members of all AA clubs and meetings. U & F committee meets at the Intergroup office on the first Tuesday of each month.

Workshops Committee:  This committee puts together informative, fun workshops for our District.  

Peoria Area Intergroup Association

Peoria Area Alcoholics Anonymous 24/7 Hotline (309) 687-1329