The By-Laws of the Peoria Area InterGroup Association Preamble   

In solemn affirmation of the letter and spirit of the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions, and placing all our activities under the guidance of a Higher Power, the various groups of Alcoholics Anonymous hereby establish an Intergroup Association. The purposes the Association are:

  1. To perform those functions which are common to the aims of all groups of Alcoholics  Anonymous.

  2. To assist in the education of the general public concerning the disease alcoholism and the role of A.A. in combating the disease.

  3. To assist alcoholics and their families.

  4. To maintain a conveniently located office in which paid workers and volunteers are available to carry the A.A. message.

  5. To act as a clearing house for the circulation and exchange of information among all the A.A. groups of the Association.

  6. To receive inquiries from those seeking help and refer them to the appropriate group, where sponsorship can be arranged, or to other appropriate organizations and agencies.

  7. To publish and distribute, at regular intervals, up-to-date list of meetings and other information about local A.A. services. 

The By-Laws

Peoria Area Intergroup Association