Bridge the gap

Our District has been working very hard on the “Bridge the Gap” program in our community.  This program connects active AA members with other active AA members who are in a correction or rehab facility prior to their release. 

If you are currently in an institution and are preparing for your release, please contact us to be connected with a Bridging the Gap temporary contact.

Volunteers are Needed

This committee currently needs volunteers to participate.  We need ACTIVE AA MEMBERS willing to be a temporary contact.  We need members who are willing to connect with an active member who needs help getting to their first few meetings after being released from their hospital or institution.  

It is easy to volunteer:  simply call the Intergroup office @ (309)687-1329 or click here and send the following information:    

  • Name   
  • Phone   
  • Male/Female/Other   
  • Willing to help with Treatment Centers   
  • and/or Willing to help with Corrections

Your information will be given to the committee.  They will share your contact information with an active AA member in an institution.  It is up to that person to contact you.  

Your responsibility as a TEMPORARY CONTACT: BTG_Guidelines

Peoria Area Intergroup Association

Peoria Area Alcoholics Anonymous 24/7 Hotline (309) 687-1329