District 6 service opportunities

To volunteer for any of the opportunities listed below, simply call the Intergroup office at (309)687-1329 or click here.

Archives:  Do you have an interest in AA history and the idea of preserving our history? George P. has plenty of opportunities for volunteers! 

Cooperation with the Professional Community: Curt P. is the chairperson. The committee is still fairly new and could use more help.  Their goal is to inform the Professional Community (doctors, lawyers, clergy, etc.) about Alcoholics Anonymous and the local help that is available.

Corrections: Dick V. is the chairperson. Do you have a desire to help with corrections?  

Grapevine: Darren D. is the chairperson. AA’s International Journal of Alcoholics Anonymous is our connection to the world of AA. 

Hospitals & Institutions Committee:  The chairperson is looking for volunteers to help!  We bring meetings into Treatment Centers, etc. and are always looking for volunteers to help chair meetings.

Intergroup is looking for volunteers!   We staff our office with volunteers.  We have special events where help is needed.  Please consider being a PAIA Representative for your home group.  

Public Outreach: Steve B. is the chairperson.  This committee participates in events outside of the AA community, sharing information about Alcoholics Anonymous.  They are looking for volunteers to help at special events.  

Unity & Fellowship needs your help. They are looking for volunteers to put together fellowship events in District 6 that would involve members of all AA clubs and meetings. U & F committee meets at the Intergroup office on the first Tuesday of each month.

Workshops Committee:  Will H. is the chairperson.  This committee puts together informative, fun workshops for our District.  

Peoria Area Intergroup Association